Whimbrel - Numenius phaeopus

Length 1.2-1.6 ft (38.1-48.3 cm)
Wingspan 2.5-2.9 ft (76.0-89.0 cm)
Weight M: 9.5-19.4 oz (268-550 g), F: 11.1-21.2 oz (315-600 g)
Clutch Size 2-5
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA, EU, AF, AS, OC

Whimbrels breed in subarctic North America, Europe and Asia and migrate to South America, Africa, south Asia and Australia. They are a large shorebird and have a decurved bill. They also have a small head and a long neck. They do not have an alternate plumage.

Whimbrels probe in the mud for food during the non-breeding season where they eat worms, grubs, crabs, etc. During the breeding season they eat insects in Canada and Alaska.

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