Spotted Sandpiper - Actitis macularia

Length 7.0-8.0 in (17.8-20.3 cm)
Wingspan 1.1-1.3 ft (34.0-40.0 cm)
Weight 0.7-2.3 oz (19-64 g)
Clutch Size 3-5
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA

The Spotted Sandpiper breeds in northern U.S. and Canada and winters in Mexico through much of South America. They are distinctive because of the large dark spots on their undersides during the breeding season. They have a shortish beak and yellow legs. Spotted Sandpipers are solitary and seldom seen in flocks. They are known for bobbing their rears up and down.

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