Marbled Godwit - Limosa fedora

Length 1.3-1.7 ft (40.6-50.8 cm)
Wingspan 2.3-2.9 ft (71.1-88.9 cm)
Weight M: 9.8-12.9 oz (278-365 g), F: 11.0-18.0 oz (312-510 g)
Clutch Size 4
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

The Marbled Godwit is a North American bird and is quite common in the Bay Area and along the Western Coast. They are large shorebirds and their long pink upcurved bill with the dark end is quite distinctive.

Marbled Godwits feed by probing mudflats for crustaceans with their bill. Their bills are very sensitive. It is interesting to note that the end of the top bill is flexible. Check out some of the pictures in the Breeding section with the open bill that demonstrate this.

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