Hawaiian Stilt - Himantopus mexicanus knudseni

Length 1.2-1.3 ft (35.1-39.1 cm)
Wingspan 2.3 ft (71.1 cm)
Weight 4.8-7.8 oz (136.1-221.1 g)
Clutch Size 1-5
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Endangered

The Hawaiian Stilt is native to Hawaii. There are five subspecies of Black-necked Stilts (Himantopus himantopus). The American Ornithologists' Union calls the Hawaiian species Himantopus mexicanus knudseni and internationally it is called Himantopus himantopus knudseni.

The Hawaiian Stilt or in Hawaiian Ae`o is an endangered species. They eat dragon flies, small fish, worms, crabs, water insects, and the seeds and roots of water plants.

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