Western Sandpiper - Calidris mauri

Length 5.5-6.8 in (14.0-17.1 cm)
Wingspan 11.0-14.6 in (28.0-37.0 cm)
Weight 0.6-1.5 oz (18-42 g)
Clutch Size 3-5
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA, AS

Western Sandpipers breed on the tundra in eastern Siberia and Alaska. They migrate in the winter to the coasts of North America and South America. They are the most abundant shorebird in North America.

Both sexes are similar and in breeding plumage, Western Sandpipers have a rufous crown and cheek patch. Least Sandpipers and Western Sandpipers can be seen in the same places and they are about the same size. You can distinguish Westerns from Least because their legs are black instead of yellow.

They forage for insects on mudflags by probing with the bill.

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