Yellow-crowned Night-Heron - Nyctanassa violacea

Length 2.0 ft (61.0 cm)
Wingspan 3.5 ft (106.7 cm)
Weight 1.5 lb (680.4 g)
Clutch Size 2-5
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA

The Yellow-crowned Night-Heron is also known as the American Night Heron or squawk. They are found in south-east United States, Mexico, northern South America and south along the Brazilian coast. Both sexes look similar. Their black head with white stripes is quite distinctive. They breed in swamps and marshes.

They mainly eat at night by stalking their prey which is mostly crustaceans, mollusks, frogs, aquatic insects and small fish.

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