Photo journal of my birding


Introduction: I started bird watching and photography in December, 2006. These web pages are my photographic journal of this activity. While most of the bird photos are taken of birds in the wild, I have recently started visiting bird aviaries and these photos are also here. Besides pictures of birds, I have have included some of my favorite places to bird (under the menu item at the top labeled "Birding Places").

Other photographers: Other photographers have also contributed a few photos of birds and credit for their work is with their pictures. I am thinking that I would like to include more photos from others.

Organization Information: The 'Index' in the dark red header is an index based on the English bird names including well-known alternate names. Besides the English index, I am working on an index of the scientific bird names. I am also currently expanding the descriptions on each species to include more information.


Technical Information: The left menu is a loosely based on the 'Order', basically Non-Passerine and Passerine and then the species have been combined in categories such as 'Seabirds' or in the case of Passerines, alphabetized. I have used an amalgamation of Ken Kaufman's book "Field Guide to Birds of North America", David Allen Sibley's "The Sibley Guide to Birds", Wikipedia articles and my own ideas to organize the birds species. Many birds can be in more than one category. For example, Phalaropes could be in Seabirds or Shorebirds (I put them in Seabirds).

I have used HighSlide to display the photos on the multiple image photos on the individual bird pages. The url is HighSlide is a Javascript, but if you have disabled Java, you still should be able to view the photos.

Finally, I have only tested these pages on modern browsers and how they look on older versions of Microsoft's Explorer is problematic.