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Below are the important books, web pages, and journals and magazines that I have used to create these web pages The list is still being developed.

bird Books:
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  • del Hoyo, Josep, Elliott, Andrew, Sargatal, Jordi,, Handbook of the Birds of the World,Lynx Edicions
bird Journals, Magazines
  • Hollamy, Simon,,, "Mercury and persistent Organiz Pollutant Concentration in African Fish Eagles, Mrabou Storks, and Nile Tilapia In Uganda" Journal of Wildlife Diseases ,2012
  • Louise Peat, compiled by, "Husbandry Guidelines Red-crested Turaco" Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens, 2007
  • Lucas, Frederic, "The Taxonomic Value of the Tongue in Birds" Auk,Vol. 13, No. 2, April-June, 1896
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