Red-throated Loon - Gavia stellata

Length 1.8-2.2 ft (55.9-66.0 cm)
Wingspan 3.0 ft (91.4 cm)
Weight 3.1 lb (1406.1 g)
Clutch Size 2
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, EU, AS

The Red-throated Loon (or Red-throated Diver) is the smallest and lightest of the loons and one of the most widely distributed of the loon family. They breed in the far-northern hemisphere if North America, Europe and Asia.

Red-throated Loons primarily eat fish but will also eat mollusks, crustaceans, frogs, aquatic invertebrates, insects, and plant material.

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