Northwestern Crow - Corvus caurinus

Length 1.4-1.5 ft (42.0-45.0 cm)
Weight M: 13.3-16.2 oz (378-458 g), F: 12.0-13.8 oz (340-392 g)
Clutch Size 3-6
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

The Northwestern Crow lives along the coast from the northeast Pacific from Alaska to Northwestern Washington. They are almost identical to the American Crow, but are slightly smaller and have a more slender bill. I was lucky to see them while visiting Alaska.

Like the American Crow the Northwestern Crow is omnivorous. They eat most anything including small birds, snakes, amphibians, small mammals, birds' eggs, nestlings, fruit, seeds, human refuse and carrion.

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