Turquoise Tanager - Tangara mexicana

Length 5.5 in (14.0 cm)
Weight 0.6-0.8 oz (17-23.5 g)
Clutch Size 2-3
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

There are five subspecies of Turquoise Tanagers in South America. Even though their scientific name is 'mexicana', they are not found in Mexico.

The adult is mainly dark blue and black, with turquoise edging to the primaries. Most races have yellow lower underparts, but this is paler, more cream in the nominate subspecies found in north-eastern South America. The Trinidadian race, T. m. vieiloti, has a darker blue head and breast and more vividly yellow underparts than the mainland taxa. The taxon brasiliensis differs more conspicuously, it having an overall duller blue plumage, blue edging to the primaries and a white belly.

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Habitat and Range: Turquoise Tanagers prefer semiopen habitats. For example, forest edges, tree-studded clearing, shaded plantations, and parks and gardens. These tanagers are found in Trinidad, Colombia, Venezuela south to Bolivia and much of Brazil.






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