Rose-breasted Grosbeak - Pheucticus ludovicianus

Length 7.0-7.5 in (17.8-19.1 cm)
Weight M: 1.3-2.2 oz (36-63 g), F: 1.2-2.0 oz (34-56 g)
Clutch Size 3-5
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA

The Rose-breasted Grosbeak breed in central and southeastern Canada, and central and eastern United States. The winter in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and northern South America.

The plumage of the breeding male is striking with its black and white body and the "rose colored" breast. The female has a white breast with streaks of brown. They eat insects, seeds and berries. They also occasionally eat nectar.

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