Puna Teal - Anas puna

Length 1.6 ft (48.3 cm)
Clutch Size 5-6
Chicks at birth Precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

The Puna Teal is a dabbling duck that is found in South America. They are also known as the Silver Teal. Puna Teals have a black cap that extends below the eyes. The rest of the face and neck are white. They bill is large and a powder blue color with a black strip down the middle. Their body is a combination of mottled browns and grays and they have brown eyes and dark grey legs and feet.

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Diet: Puna Teals eat water plant seeds and some insects.

Courtship: It is believed that Puna Teals form long-term pair bonds. They breed from November-January in northern Chile and July-August in Peru.

Nesting: Puna Teal nests build their nest in long grass which may not be close to water. Puna Teal lay their eggs between April and June and the clutch size is 5-6 eggs. Both parents raise the ducklings.

Habitat and Range: Puna Teals are found in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru and in altitudes up to 15,000 feet. They prefer wetlands such as bogs, marsh, swamps, lakes (saline and freshwater), etc. They live in small groups.

Vocalization: The males are reportedly quite vocal.

Plumage/Molt Puna Teals do not have an alternate (breeding plumage).

Migration: An altitudinal migrant.

Tongue/feet: Their tongue is pink, wide and fills the bill cavity. Their feet and legs are grey.


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