Screaming Piha - Lipaugus vociferans

Length 9.4-11.0 in (24.0-28.0 cm)
Weight M: 2.4-2.9 oz (67-82 g), F: 2.5 oz (70.6 g)
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

The Screaming Piha is a South American bird and can be found in the humid forests of the Amazon and the Guianas. Screaming Pihas are gray and the upperparts are darker. The bill, legs and feet are also gray. The eyes are dark. Both sexes look identical. Juveniles are browner on wings.

While the Screaming Pihas are abundant, they have not been well studied.

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Diet: Screaming Pihas eat insects and fruit.

Courtship: Screaming Piha males gather in leks (a gathering of males for courtship displays) where they sing to attract mates.

Nesting: Their nests are small and are loosely built of twigs or other vegetable matter and placed in a small branch of a tree 5-10 meters above the ground. It is believed that one light brown egg is laid by the female. She has sole responsibility to feed the chick who lays motionless and quiet while she is hunting for food.

Habitat and Range: Screaming Pihas are found in the humid forests of the Amazon and the Atlantic coast of Brazil.

Vocalization: They have an exceptionally loud voice and it is frequently heard sound in the Amazon. Their song is a three-part song and is frequently used in movies.

Plumage/Molt Screaming Pihas do not have an alternate plumage.

Migration: Non-migratory.

Tongue/feet: Their legs and feet are gray.


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