Merlin - Falco columbarius

Length 9.5-13.0 in (24.1-33.0 cm)
Wingspan 1.7-2.4 ft (50.8-73.7 cm)
Weight M: 5.3-7.4 oz (150-210 g), F: 6.7-9.0 oz (189-255 g)
Clutch Size 3-6
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA, EU, AF, AS

The Merlin is a small falcon that is sometimes called the Pigeon Hawk even though it is not a hawk. They are found in North America, Europe, Asia and the very northern parts of South America, and Africa. Merlins were a popular bird for falconry since the Middle Ages. They inhabit prairies, coastline, and forests throughout North America.

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