Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley, CA

Cesar Chavez Park is located near the Berkeley Marina. Co-located to Cesar Chavez Park, is the Eastshore State Park. Both places, and the pier at the end of University Avenue, are great places to bird. Besides the birding, you can enjoy great views of the Bay. Cesar Chavez Park is also known for Kite flying. In July, the annual kite show has some of the biggest kites I have ever seen.

During migration, you can see loons, various ducks and grebes. I even saw a Long-tailed Duck once and in 2010, some Pigeon Guillemots were seen off the pier. The best place for ducks and grebes is the East side of the Park. Also, in the Spring and summer Forster Terns and sometimes Least and Caspian terns fish in the waters on the East side. The hills are also gathering places for Meadow Larks, sparrows, and frequently you can see Red-tailed Hawks, Harriers and White-tailed Kites. During the winter months, there are Burrowing Owls on the northeast point and Barn Owls in the eastern box on the north side.

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