Metallic Starling - Aplonis metallica

Length 9.0 in (22.9 cm)
Weight 1.7-2.4 oz (48-67 g)
Clutch Size 1-4
Chicks at birth Altricial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern

The Metallic Starling is also known as the Shining Starling. It is native to New Guinea and the Australasian islands and northeastern Australia.

Male adult Metallic Starlings have a glossy green-black plumage that is iridescent. They have a long tail and red eyes. Females and immatures Metallic Starling have a dark streaked whitish body with dark wings and head.

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Diet: Metallic Starlings eat mainly fruit and a few insects. The adults expel the seeds after eating and digesting the fruit. Insects are the major diet for young birds.

Courtship: The males sing and dance to attract females. If the female is interested she will approach the male.

Nesting: Metallic Starling form large colonies. Their woven nests are suspended from large trees. The entrance to the nest is on the side. The female can lay two or three eggs two or three times a year.

Habitat and Range: Metallic Starlings inhabit rainforests and coastal woodland on New Guinea, the Australasian Islands and northeastern Australia.

Vocalization: Metallic Starlings will mimic other birds.

Plumage/Molt: No direct information but they do not have an alternate or breeding plumage and most Starlings molt annually.

Migration: Not a migrant.

Tongue/feet: Black legs and feet.


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