Least Tern - Sterna antillarum

Length 8.7-9.4 in (22.0-24.0 cm)
Wingspan 1.7 ft (51.0 cm)
Weight 1.4-1.8 oz (39-52 g)
Clutch Size 1-3
Chicks at birth Semi-precocial
IUCN Conservation Status Least Concern
Continents:NA, SA

The Least Tern is a small tern that breeds in North America and winters in Mexico to northern South America. While the IUCN lists their status as 'Least Concern', the Least Tern is a small Tern that is considered 'Threatened' in California. One of the places they breed is on the old Alameda Naval station in Alameda, CA that has a fenced area to help protect them. If you volunteer to help watch for predators, you can watch the little terns grow up and fledge. The white patch or chevron between their eyes is a distinctive field marker.

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