This is a partial history of the outfits that I have given away to charities.

I started in 1993 and have given 648 dolls away, usually with

three outfits each.


Last Modified (1/14/2002)



Evening Gowns:- July, 2002


Gold trip was around the jacket.

Cotton dress with ribbon down the front.  Necklace was gold beads and red crystal beads.


Wrap around skirt with side trip the same as the top.  Either a short jacket, as shown, or a long jacket were given with this outfit.  The necklace was a silver butterfly with cloisonné.

The skirt fabric came with the checkerboard pattern as shown.  Shawl was lace, with a large pearl at each end.  A amber pendant was sew into the bodice.

Velvet skirt with silver flowers.  Silver netting was along the top part of the bodice. The fur stole was also part of this outfit.

Pink dress with pink overdress with silver and darker pink lines.  The same material was used for the shawl which was serged with silver and pink threads.

Bronze material with gold threads.  The jacket was similar material, only green.




Evening Gowns:- December, 2001


Skirt was embroidered

Lined skirt and a very soft and rich fur.


I machined embroidered skirt which was a silk tulle over bronze satin.

Modified McCalls pattern.  I didn’t like the way the top was done..


Hard to tell, but the dress is a white satin with lace and pearls at the bottom.  Blue and white satin stole.

Dress is a crushed pink velvet with white fur stole and a pearl necklace..



Overdress made of lace.


Shawl is lined with silver fabric.



Evening Gowns:- done before December, 2001

Overdress made of lace.

Shawl is lined with silver fabric.


A good design for polyester fabric..



Matching fur stole is also pink.

My design for the dress.


McCalls 2549.  I like this pattern but I sewed the edging on the bodice before attaching.  Otherwise, one has unsightly edges showing.


The necklace is made up of amethysts in a square pattern.

White cotton with lots of gold.

The black skirt was made from crinkled satin.  The shawl has a fringed edge.

Black and red-purple chiffon over matching red-purple satin.

Trim on bottom is made up of pearl.  Pearl necklace compliments the outfit.

Skirt is an yellow net with orange highlight over orange satin.

My creation. Used a ruffler foot to create the small pleats on the bottom ruffle. Evening shawl is pink and white satin.  Necklace is pearls with pink crystals.


One of my first evening gown.  One yellow and two white pearls are scattered throughout the skirt.


Nice textured material that was easier to sew.

XMAS outfit of red velveteen.

Beautiful black satin with gold designs.

Fun outfit to sew from Simplicity 7952.  I modified the pattern so that the flounce on the bottom was lined with an alternate color.  Fun outfit to make.


Heavy gold trim lines the bottom..

Loved these orange gold colored materials.

Embroidery pattern on skirt done on my Bernina sewing machine.

Lacey knit skirt.

The cape pattern is from Vogue 9686 with the color being made from the same yellow velveteen as the dress.


Modified McCalls 9115.  Used a different bodice because the original was to thick and did not created a lined top – needed for satin fabrics.

Built in fancy stitching on my Bernina with a double needle did the stitching on the bodice and the stole.  The skirt had two pink and one green beadsscattered across the skirt.

Loved this material.  My husband brought it back from Japan.