Barbie Outfits for Day Wear (modified 7/25/2002)

Fashions from July, 2002

Skirt is slit on both sides with ribbon on each side of the seam.


Same outfit with poncho.

Liberty cotton blouse and silk skirt.


Same outfit with fur coat and hat.

Cotton dress and shawl.


Back view of shawl.

Dress and jacket, both cotton.


Cotton dress and jacket.  Shopping bag made by my son.

Blouse and skirt.  Same fur coat and hat was given with these and the outfit above.




Fashion from Dec, 2001

Jacket was from Chiara’s Nation of the Month “Indonesia”, #35


Jacket was from Chiara’s Nation of the Month China  #44

Similar to previous outfit

Jacket was a plaid.

Jacket was made of fabric that was puckered.

Dress with Beret.




Summer, 2001




Leather belt and a black fur jacket was also included


Black fur jacket.  Blouse was sleeveless.



Hat was decorated with pink flowers which matched the necklace.  Green material had small white dots all over it.




Done before 2001

The dress and purse are my designs, the jacket is based on a pattern.


All silk outfit.

Dress is a modified pattern.


Same dress with the coordinating fake fur jacket.

A combination of my designs and modification of various patterns.  I designed the pants.



My skirt design.  Same jacket as the striped one in this row.

My design. The star on the shawl was embroidered with fringe around the star (black area) from a purchased embroidery pattern.


Fine gold trim is around shawl top.


These pants are in style again! The pants and vest are from McCalls 4906.  The vest pattern was modified to be lined and ¼” was taken off each center front.

Inside the purse was a Barbie sized coke bottle.  The jacket is McCalls 7428 and is lined.  Works well with knit fabric for sweaters.

This outfit had a jacket like the green dress below.  The headpiece was passed on a pre-made Barbie scarf.

A “B” was embroidered on the purse.  The top was my design.

African dress from Lord Perry #0703.  A nice pattern.  The hat is a based on a Barbie scarf.

I really liked the weave of the yellow fabric.  The shawl is fringed. My design.

Shawl was edged using scalloped machine stitching. My design.

My design. Beads were added to belt.

Shawl was based on a shawl in acouture book for adults.  The shawl has no wrong side.


Combination of various patterns.  The lined jacket made the outfit along with the thick woven blue material.


Another rendition of the Lord Perry pattern.

Collar made out of gold material and made from Simplicity 7712.

Original pattern is from Simplicity 5330, but was made longer.  Also changed how the sewing was done to make it easier and neater looking.

Still one of my favorite outfits.  Pants and jacket made of imitation leather, detailed with silver trim.

Also came with jacket similar to the next picture. The top has two different fabrics, divided down the middle of the front: the black pattern and orange.  The top is loosely based on McCalls 2970.

Same style as above but different fabric

Fun to make from McCalls 9664 (P411) consists of top, shorts, and wrap around skirt.  I added the matching purse for accent.

Red jumper based on Simplicity 8457.

Added darts to the top because otherwise the top would have been too big.







 Based my creation on the Vogue original.  Instead of a hat, I made a purse.