Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Knitting Patterns by Hazel

Knitted Designs for the Teen, Book 1A

Skating costumes and Norwegian ski jacket.

Cardigan sweater

bloodless classic sweater


Cardigan sweater was short sleeves.

Cardigan sweaters for Ken

Bra and panties


Cardigan striped sweater

Cardigan sweater

Pants for girl doll







Knitted Designs for the Teen, Book 2A

Angora and wool suit



Cardigan sweater with buttons



Dress coat with angora collar

Cardigan sweaters

Shorts or swim pants with halter


Buffalo sweater


Mohair hat

Cardigan sweater



Spring bonnet

Pullover cable sweater

Pleated skirt




Hat (ski toque)



Knitted Designs for the Teen, Book 3A

Fairisle Jacket and party dress


Dress and fancy dress coat

Dress with flaired skirt



Hawaiian jacket and cardigan sweater

Two-piece spring suit

Car coat


V-neck cable sweater

Poncho shirt and walking shorts