Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


                           Magazines, Misc., E through W

 Fabulous Furs                                                           Fashion Parade Kit



014 (19xx) S68

 “Fashion Parade Kit”, B1



Fashion Doll Costumes, 1992 (House of White Birches)

Some of these designs (‘50s outfit, Lady of the Middle Ages, and Medieval Gown) were also shown in

“Doll Designs” Magazine (see that section).  What is interesting is that the pictures are the same, but the

background was edited out.  You can still see the old background in the magazine pictures.



‘60s Flower Child

‘50s Outfit

‘20s Flapper


Gibson Girl

Colonial Patriots

Southern Belle



A Saxon Maiden



A Medieval Gown

Lady of the Middle Ages

Bible Woman




New Idea Magazine, May 12, 1987



Sweaters are knit



Pattern Book Doll Shop, Volume 11 Issue # 2

Other size doll outfits are also shown in this magazine

Cheer Leader

Crochet Skating & Bed Dress

“Pink Cloud”



Pattern World

Roaring Twenties Charleston Dress - - March-April, 1978, B20

Easy Sundress for A Fashion Doll, June, 1979


Woman’s Day, February 1967 (all outfits are sewed with felt), L59









Misc. Items (dates shown if known)



Fur Coat for Barbie - Women’s Circle, Jan 1980, B42

Women’s Comfort  Mag., Nov 1974, B43



A Summer Bride - #20, B44

Looks Like a Jumper, #25, B45

Doll Treasures,

June, 1970, B45



Dorita Doll Alice Pattern, B47

Tower Press

Barbie At The Beach, B39



Barbie’s Body Stocking, B41

Ken’s a Drum Major, B40

 1840 Doll Costume, by Lynn K. Johnson - Quick & Easy Crafts, Oct. 1993 - mag




Dress & Hat




Romantic Ruffles

Rose ‘N Satin


Shimmering Magic



Silver Serenade