Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


                      Magazine Patterns – Misc. – A through D

The Aunt Jane (or Aunt Jane’s Sewing Circle) & almost all of the Popular Needlework patterns were all Joan Chiara patterns and are located under the url for her patterns.

Dorothy Adams, Houston, Texas    

Godey Lady

Little Women


Annie’s Quick & Easy Pattern Club, Oct.-Nov., 1990         


Barbie Goes Formal (Unknown author & date – Xeroxed sheets of paper)


Slim long sleeve Formal

Slim Formal with floating back panels

Basic Shape Formal

Velvet Top Formal


Bernina Inspiration Magazine – Summer 1999, No. 19






Crafts Special


Barbie Celebrates the Fourth by Georgia Feazel – July, 1991

Valentine’s Ball Gown by Lynn Johnson – Feb., 1999

Fashion Doll Princess Costume, by Lynn K. Johnson – Nov., 1999



Doll Crafter


Homecoming Queen by Betty Howel – Sept., 1997




Two Stylish Dresses, Spring 1988

Modern Doll Dress Design  by Ted Menten, Winter, 1986

Fashion-Doll Dress Design – Spring 1988



Fashion Doll Cowgirl Outfit, by Lee Menconi-Steiger, Jan/Feb, 1995

Fabulous In Lace, by Lynn K. Johnston, December, 1995

Fashion Doll Dress, by Lynn K. Johnson, Feb., 1996

Wedding Dream, by Lynn K. Johnson, June, 1996



Doll Reader


Ball Gown from the 1860s, by Loraine Wellman, June, Oct., 1991