Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Knit, Women’s Magazines


Women’s Circle Magazine


Knit a Ski Sweater & Hat Set for Barbie, The Snow Bunny by Lorna Ryan, Feb., 1971


Women’s Household Magazine (Some of “Mini Modiste” patterns are in “Mini Modiste” section)


Knit Skating Outfit, Nov., 1969

Knit Coat, Hat, Muff Set, May, 1972

Crochet Prom Gown

August, 1972

Crochet Granny Motif Rib Tickler & Skirt, Nov., 1972


Knit Pilgrim Costume

Nov., 1973

Crochet Sweet’n Simple Beginner’s Ball Gown, Jan., 1976

Crochet Old-Fashioned Southern Belle, Feb., 1976 (2)

Knit “Cher” Costume, March., 1976


Crochet Hawaiian Muu Muu, April 1976 (see Doll Dresses above for same outfit)

Knit Revolutionary Era Dress Circa 1775, June 1976

Crochet Three-Piece Pantsuit, Nov., 1976

Knit Nightshirt, Dec., 1976


Doll’s Wardrobe Closet, Dec., 1976

Crochet Fancy Stripes Dress, March, 1977


Crochet Scalloped Dress for Summer, May, 1978 (2)

Crochet Pleated Skirt & Blouson Top, July, 1978 (2)

Knit Summer Shell & Skirt with Variations, Aug., 1978

Crochet Yellow Cluster-Stitch Dress, Jan., 1980


Knit Jumper, Feb., 1980

Crochet Light Green Period Gown, March, 1980

Knit Wrap Around Skirt and Tube Top, May, 1980


Crochet Bed Doll, Nov., 1980

Crochet Fur Stitch Trimmed Holiday Hostess Robe, Jan., 1981

Knit Adaption of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Wedding Dress, March, 1981


Crochet Skating Set, May, 1981

Knit Slacks and Top, June, 1981

Crochet Short Sleeve Pattern Stitch Spring Dress, July, 1981

Crochet Strapless Holiday Formal, Nov., 1981


Crochet Two-Piece-Look Dress & Long-Line Vest, March, 1982

Crochet Drawn Thread Dress with Matching Collar, May, 1982

Crochet bathing suit, July, 1982 (Instructions not complete)

Crochet Striped Jumper, Sweater with Ribbed Collar, Cuffs, Sept., 1982


Crochet Period Gown (1885), April, 1983