Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Knitting Patterns - Patons


Patons Beehive, #139 – 2 copies (Barbie outfits shown only)



Barbie outfits include:  Girl’s Suit, Girl’s Hooded Jacket, Girl’s Long Coat, Slack for Boys and Girls, Shorts for Girls and Boys, Boy’s up-and-down Striped Pullover, Boy’s Pullover and Toque, Girl’s sheath Dress, Girl’s Dress and Stole, and Boy’s Jacket (all knit)





Patons Going Places, PBN M318


Shopping in Paris, Skirt, Jacket, Hat, & Bag

On The Beach, Swimsuit, T-Shirt, Towel (with fringe)

A Walk in the Highlands, Sweater & Sweater


At the Game – Cheerlead & American Footballer, Dress, Small Pom_Poms, Hairband, Socks, Body Suit, Shoulder Pad, Socks

A Day in the Alps,

Trousers, Jacket, Hat, Socks and Pant Suit, Hat, Socks

Tickets for the Theatre, Coat, Belt, Muff


A Country Weekend, Jodhurs, Sweater, Jacket,

A Night at the Disco, Leggings, Top, Jacket, Dress

The Masked Ball, Dress & Overskirt


On the High Seas, Sweater and Leggings & Sweater and Shorts