Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Misc. Knitting Patterns, ‘A’ thorugh ‘D’

Annie’s Attic


”Knit Fashion Doll Fashions”, designed by Donna Jones, #872492, 2000

Dress & Purse, Jacket & Cap, Blouse & Capri Pants, and Skirt & Bloue

Slacks & Sweater, Suit & Blouse, and Shorts Set

Knit Doll Purse, #892491, 2000

Annie’s Pattern Club  (Other Annie’s booklets than showcase sewn clothes are in “Booklets”)

Aug-Sept, 1985, #40

Crochet Sailor Suit’s


Dec.-Jan, 1987, #42

Crochet Hat, Mittens, & Scarf

Aug-Sept, 1988, #52 

Knit Sit’n Pretty Sweater & Pants Set (top, sweater & Pants)


No. 66, Dec-Jan, 1991

Fashion Doll “Furs” by Virginia Patton, Coat, Hat, Jacket, Hood (crochet)

Doll Furniture by Shirley Kogler, Bed, Mattress, Pillow & Pillowcase




American Thread Star Book No. 192 -- (knits shown only)

The white jackets and red dress (1st row, right most picture) was also shown in

Today’s Woman Knit and Crochet Book, 1972 which had some additional Barbie crochet patterns).

crochet Bride, shown on FC


crochet bridal cape, shown on FC

All Good Sports”, crochet striped skirt and shell blouse for her and knit bathrobe and trunks for him

crochet “The Bridesmaid



Crocheted Squares for your Dolly, see BC

Outdoor Dress-Ups, knitted Hat and Coat and crocheted Hat & coat

The Mother of the Bride, Knit

More Good Sports, his plain knitted sweater & shorts and her Skating dress and tam


His and Her Sweaters, knitted striped sweater and Hat for her and Knitted Cable sweater for him (shown on BC)

Here comes the Groom, knitted tuxedo or Business Suit

Just the thing for Club Luncheon, crochet output (jacket, skirt, & hat)




Bazaar Gift Handicrafts Magazine


Teen Doll Party Outfits (Carole Newcomb), Fall, 1981

(crochet Long wrap-around and headband; short wrap-around and headband; shorts & bandeau top; and short skirt and halter top)


Classic Patterns, Knit Barbie Outfits – The Staff of Workbasket


Vest & Skirt and Northwood Coats & Pants (for Barbie & Ken)

Warm-Up Suits (Ken’s shown on FC), Halter Dress, and Strapped Cocktail Dress


Crafts’n Things

Fashion Doll Skating Set, (knit) Dec-Jan, 1993

Wedding Magic, (knit) Nov., 1995

Doll World Omnibook

Easy Glamor Gown, by Valeria L. Hargand, Spring 1987

Knit Gown with belt


Doll Dresses, American Thread Co., Star Book No. 161 (Outfits in this book fit 8”, 10” and 12” (Barbie size) – Barbie version mainly shown)

Shorty Pajamas & Robe (crochet)

By the Sea, By the Sea (knit)

Here Comes the Bride (crochet)



Sports All (Knit)

Hawaiian Muu Muu (crochet)

Party Belles (crochet - Barbie version not shown)



Here Comes the Bridesmaid (crochet - Barbie version not shown)

Dance Ballerina Dance (crochet)

Tea Time Clothes (crochet)


Play Clothes (crochet)

Sheath Dress (crochet - hat & coat not shown)


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