Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Misc. Knitting Patterns, Mini Modiste


Mini Modiste Doll Patterns, P-700, 1973 all but the last five patterns were by Maryellen McWilliams (other “Mini Modiste” patterns are shown in Women’s Household Magazine below)


Format Pant Suit (knit)

Clown Suit with Mask and Hat (crochet)


Egyptian Gown (knit & crochet version)

Belted Robe with Slumber Cap (crochet)

Simple Basic Sheath (knit)


Crocheted Sheath

Knitted Skirt and Sweater

Sequin Set (Knit)


Sequined Party Gown and Stole (crochet)

Old-Fashioned Nightgown (knit)

Old Fashioned Dress with Attached Pantaloons (crochet)


Bridal gown and veil (crochet)

Granny Motif rib Tickler and Skirt (crochet)

Hostess Skirt and Triangular Shawl (knit)


Hostess Skirt with front slit and scoop neck overblouse (crochet)

D.M.A. Leotard and slippers (knit)


Miss Japan (crochet)

School Marm (crochet)

Gibson Girl Barbie


Wrap Around Pants for Barbie and Dawn (sew)

Pilgrim Doll (crochet)




Mattel (1962) Slipover Blouse and Skirt



My Weekly, No. 4540, Dec. 16, 2000



Party Set

Slinky Set


Striped Set

Slinky Set