Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


                                    Leisure Arts

 “His” & “Her” Knit Fashion Doll Clothes, Leaflet 341, 1984 ( 3 copies) knit patterns

Wedding Gown & Veil by Barbara Wheeler

Party Dress by Marge Rogers

Skirt & Sweater Set by Marge Rogers

“Her” Raglan Cardigan by Marge Rogers

“Her” pants by Gail Jeffcoat

“His” Hockey Outfit (Hockey Pullover, Hockey Shorts, Hockey Sock) by Marge Rogers

“Her” Aerobic Outfit (Leotard, Leg Warmer, Headband) by Marge Rogers

“His” & “Her” Tee Tops by Barbara Wheeler

“His” Slacks by Barbara Wheeler

“His” Shorts & Sweat Pants by Barbara Wheeler

“His” Net Muscle Shirt by Barbara Wheeler

“Her” Sailor Suit (Blouse & Bloomers) by Marge Rogers


Leisure Arts, Wedding and Honeymoon Fashion Doll Wardrobe – Leaflet 2033, 1991

Front Cover

Back Cover

Flower Gril and Bridesmaid Dresses, Wedding Gown, Veil, Garter, Tuxedo (Jacket, Slacks)


Knit Turtleneck Dress

Coat & Beret, Luggage Set (Suitcase, Duffle Bag, andGarment Bag)

Back Cover

Skit Outfit for Her and Him

Jackets, Pants, Caps


Knit 3 piece Evening Ensemble (Sheath, Skirt, Tunic and Jumpsuit)


Leisure Arts, College & Career Fashion Doll Wardrobe by Bonita Mcdonald – Leaflet 2066, 1991 (all knitted)

Cheerleader (Skirt, Sweater) & Pom-Pom) Nurse’s Uniform with Cape & Cap

Nurses Uniform, Ballet Costume (with panties)

Majorette Uniform (Body suit, Panties, Skirt & Hat), and Tennis Outfit (Dress, Shorts & Headband)

Ice Skating Cosutme, (Body Suit, Skirt, & Hat) and Evening Gown, Victorian Ensemble (Blouse & Skirt)


Leisure Arts – Leaflet 2512, 1994 by Bonita McDonald

All outfits are knit

Ruffled Party Dress and Purse

Bathing Suit, Beach Jacket and Bag


Peignoir Set

Flowered Gown and Shawl




Long Sleeve Blouse and Ruffled Skirt

“Hers” and “His” Hooded Jackets

Shell & Shorts Set



Ruffled Blouse, Fiesta Skirt, and Bag

Hankerchief Dress

Hankerchief Dress



Souvenir T-Shirt and Clam Diggers