Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Knitting Patterns – Design & Similar Patterns




525, Bride & Bridesmaid’s Gowns (crochet)

563, Cape (small), Coat, Slack Sweater Set, Suit, and Gown (knit)

565, evening gown, cape, 3-piece suit, slacks, Bermudas, and sweater with hood (knit)

579, Coat & Hat, Evening Gown, Skirt and Long-Sleeve Sweater Set, Slacks and Shorts (knit)



582, knit sweaters, potholder vest & hat and sewn dress, blouse, skirts & boots

630 (2), cape, pants, knickers, shorts, boots, sweater, hat and bridal outfit, Potholder vest (knit)

881 (2), Sweater, Skirt, Jumper, Slacks, Gown & Coat (knit)



959 (2), Shift, Shorts, Bikini, 3-piece Suit, Slacks, Poncho (knit)

7040, Turtle-neck Sweater, Slacks, 3-piece Suit, Coat, Gown (knit)

7096, Shift, 3-piece Suit, Bikini, Bermuda Shorts, Slacks, Beach Cape (knit)



7106, (2) 3-piece Suit, kerchief, gown, stole, slacks, vest, and mohair sweater (knit)

7154, Slacks, Shorts, wrap-around skirt, sweater, dress skirt, top, shift, coat & hat (knit)



7160 (3), Coat with matching hat, slacks & sweater set, 3-piece Suit, and evening skirt (knit)

7228 (2), walking suit, scarf, gown, jumper, sweater & slacks (knit)

7355, Pants, Bikini, dramatic Jacket, Surplice Vest, Dress, Shorts, Cape (crochet)



7362, Vest, Dress, Cape, Hotpants, Slacks, Tunix, City Shorts, Shawl (crochet)

7417,  Slacks, sweaters, helmets, and boots for Barbie and Ken (knit)

7490 (3), Coat with separate cape and matching hat, slacks & sweater set, 3-piece suit and a gown (knit)



Packaging similar to Design Patterns, but not labeled


P-199, Evening Gown & Jacket, Shell Stitch Dress, two-piece Suit, Hat & Coat Set (crochet)

5053, Prom Dress & Panties (crochet), Sweater & Slack set (knit)

5136 (knit) Diagonal Stripe Dress, Two Piece Suit, Skating Outfit, Mittens and Scarf

5157, (knit) Evening skirt and Halter, Three Piece Suit and Beret


5185, (knit) Knit Dress, Crochet Dress, sewn Petticoat.

5367, Knit Dress, Panties, Coat and Hat for 11” doll

5434, (knit) Cape and Hat, Diagonal Striped Dress



5750, (crochet) Rodeo Special Outfit with hat and boots

5799, Dress (knit), Beret (knit), Cape (knit) Evening Dress (crochet), wrap-coat (crochet)

5949, Cape and Hat, Dress and Panties (knit)