Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


Knitting Patterns– Coats & Clark’s

Coats & Clark’s #173 (2) – (only Barbie outfits shown)

Front Cover:  Knit Evening Dress & Cape and sewn Bridal Outfit

Back Cover:  Knit and crochet dress detailed next and Ken’s “Boy Doll Outfit”



Knit Three-Piece Suit, Hat and Handbag (shown on BC)

Crochet Coat, Dress and Hat (shown on BC)

The items on the left were also available in Women’s Household Magazine, Feb., 1970


Crochet Apres Ski Gown with Crochet Tea Set and Cloth

Crochet Suit Set (see next picture) and Crochet Shift Dress and Stole

Crochet Suit Set (panties, blouse, skirt, jacket, hat and bag)


Sewn Sports Outfit (sleeveless top, bell-bottom trousers, and jacket) and Knit Ski Outfit

Sewn Bridal Outfit (sew FC) with gloves and veil

Wedding Dress (6-gored princess style) can be made with full length or street length, with or without sleeves.


Coats & Clark’s – Book 151, 1964 (2)

Neal’s Sweater and Cap (knit), Sheila’s Sewn Shift and Cape

Cluny’s sewn Gown, Dash, Stoke, & Gloves, Lesley’s crochet evening dress, Jessa’s knit Party Dress

Vella’s Shift Dress & Cape (crochet)



Greta’s Knitted Sweater and Slacks Set (Knitted) & Laurie’s Sweater and Slacks Set (Crochet)

Sandy’s (12”) knitted Boat neck Shirt and Slacks and Lexa’s (11 ½”) crochet Trunks and bra

Meta’s Shift, Shrug, Hat and Panties (knit), and Carla’s long slleve dress and bag (crochet)



Fiona’s Poncho and Bathing Suit (crochet)

Rina’s Dress and Coat (knit), Stacey’s Car Coat and Skirt (knit)

Darcy’s Dress & Jacket, Petra’s Flared Skirt, Blouse and Vest (sewn)

Meta’s knit Shift Dress, Panties, Shrug, and Hat

Jessa’s Knit Party Dress

Sheila’s sewn Shift and Cape

Petra’s sewn Flared Skirt, Blouse (Vest & Jacket show above)



Coats & Clark’s – Book 270, 1978 (2 copies) -- (Barbie patterns only shown)

Crochet Bridal Gown, (D-225)

crochet Skirt, Stoke, Blouse (D-222)

Crochet Blazer (D-226), Knit Hooded Poncho (D-227)

Knt Sweater and Hat (D-228), Knit Jippered Jacket (D-229), and Crochet Striped Jacket (D-230)