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Designer Category: Miscellaneous



MyraMade Medieval and Renaissance Costumes

Mary Boulet

1923 Grande Ave., SE

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52403





Jim Taylor


#1060, Evening Gown Pattern, 1982

#1065, Dress Pattern, 1982

#4284, Sport Suit, 1982

Blouse & Bib Overalls, 1982




Peggy Trayner


Dutch – S202

Pennsylvania Dutch - S203




Misc. or Unknown


Garnet Velvet Party Dress

Dandy Dinner Dress

Minute Mini

8105, L64, Blouse, bell-bottom pants, Dress with Yoke, Jumper, vest, skirt (elastic top)



Halter Wrap-Around

Muslin and Old Lace Gown

Oriental Sheath

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