Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


            Barbie Patterns by Joan Chiara – Magazine Patterns

Joan Chiara Cigler’s Magazine patterns for Barbie are included on this page.  Only Barbie size (and Ken) patterns are shown.

Joan Chiara Cigler has produced many patterns for Barbie dolls.  She still sells her patterns and check out her site for how to obtain a catalog.



Aunt Jane or Aunt Jane’s Sewing Circle (patterns organized by date of magazine)


Akiko, A Japanese Girl, Spring, 1967

Wilma, Wagon Train,  early American everyday dress, Summer-1967

Tonia’s Traveling Suit, Fall, 1967


1967 Modern Dome Hat, Winter, 1967

Jeannie, 1934 Bride, Spring, 1968

Anna’s Party Dress (King & I) 1860’s,  Summer, 1968



Ball Gown of 1855 (from movie King & I), Fall, 1969

Navajo Indian Woman, April, 1969



Velvet and Fur Bride, July-Aug, 1969

Sabrina, Fall, 1969

Holiday Magic, Aug./Sept., 1973 – B12



Maid Merium, Spring/Summer 1970 - B10

An Evening Out, Fall/Winter, 1970

Gibson Girl Bathing Beauty – 1900’s, Dec’71/Jan’73


Palazzo Pants,Blazer, and Pullover, Feb.-Mar. 1973

Granny Dress, July, 1973

Innocence Wedding Gown, Aug./Sept., 1973



Notion Nanny – Peddler outfit of 1600-1700’s, Oct/Nov 1973

Pearl Fantasy Wedding Gown, Apr.-May, 1974

Dillinger’s Lady In Red, July. 1974


Peasant Dress, Aug.-Sept. 1974

Spanish Flamenco Dancer, Oct.-Nov. 1974

1858 Ruffled Dress, Jan, 1975



Summer Evening, Summer, 1975

Patchwork Quilt Gown, Winter, 1975

Ruffles Old and New, Summer, 1976




Tiers of Posies, Spring, 1977

Peasant Skirt and Blouse, Summer, 1978

Jumpshorts and Tote Bag, Fall, 1978

Pinky, Spring, 1979




Popular Needlework (patterns organized by date of magazine)


Mary Quite Contrary,

Feb., 1968

1905 High School Girl,

March, 1968

What A Way To Go, June, 1968



School Teach of Mid-1860’s, Aug. 1968

A Bewitching Witch,

Sept., 1968

Carmen, Rita Hayworth’s red gown from movie “Carmen”, Oct. 1968





Princess Guinevere of Camelia, Nov. 1968

Knitted Ice Skating Outfit, fits 11” Francie & 9” Skipper, Dec. 1968 -  B25

Gypsy Rose Lee, March 1969


Singing Nun, July 1969 – B30

Angelina, Italy, Sept. 1969 -  B25

Mod Squad Full Slacks and Long Blouse, Oct. 1969



Daisies And Velvet, Nov. 1969

1985 Tea Gown, Dec. 1969

Julliette Wedding Gown from movie “Romeo & Julliette”, Jan., 1970



Takishe – Turkish Hostess Gown, Feb. 1970

An Evening at Home, March, 1970

An Afternoon at the Ladies Club Meeting, April 1970



Scarlet O’Hara Green Velvet Drapery Gown, Sept./Oct. 1970

1867 Daytime Dress, Nov./Dec. 1970

Maxi for Milday, Jan./Feb. 1971





Fireside Entertaining, March-April, 1971

Midi-Tunic Vest, May-June, 1971

Midi Look of 1930’s, Sept/Oct 1971

Mississippi Miss of 1860’s, Sept/Oct 1971



1867 Mourning Ensemble from “Gone With the Wind”, March/April, 1972

Out for a Stroll in 1910, May-June 1972

Wrap-Around Pant Skirt & turtleneck Blouse, Mar-April 1973



1868 Shopping Attire, May-June 1973

V-Neck Vacation Pantsuit, July-Aug, 1973

Finland, March/April, 1974



1850’s House Dress, May-June 1974

Opera Coat, July-Aug., 1974

Winter Wonderland, Sept.-Oct. 1974

Palma De Mallorca, Nov-Dec 1974



Midriff Blouse and Bell-Bottom Pants, Jan-Feb, 1975

Nightgown & Penoir Set, Mar/April, 1975

Lace Flair Evening Gown, Sept/Oct, 1975



Victorian Sweetheart - Dec, 1975

Ten Simple to make Accessories for Barbie, Nov.-Dec. 1976

Two Mid 19th Century Bonnets, Feb. 1977


Design a Dress for Barbie, April, 1977

Fonzie on Vacation, March-April, 1978

Lace Loveliness,  July-August 1978



Summer Jujptsuit, Dec., 1978

Rain Hat & Poncho, Feb., 1979

Hooped Petticoat – April, 1979



Southern Cousin, Jan/Feb., 1980

Hungarian Bride, June, 1980

Prairie Indian Maiden, Winter, 1980-81


Alsace, France, Summer, 1981

Lavender Tucks & Cream Lace, Winter, 1981-82

Navajo Man, Spring, 1982


Roses & Lace, Summer, 1982



McCall’s Needlework & Crafts


Colonial Woman, Spring/Summer 1976

Colonial Man, Spring/Summer 1976



Doll Castle News


Wrap Robe and Slip style Nightgown, Nov/Dec, 1998

Basic Dress (with sleeve variations), May/June 1999

Cargo Pants & Tank Top (Ken), Sept/Oct, 1999