Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


                                   Books & Booklets


Australian Weekly Craft Library “Dolls & Bears"











Dolls’ Clothes Pattern Book








Easy Patterns for the 11 ˝ fashion doll, 1977




Easy Patterns for the 11 ˝ fashion doll, Vol. 2, 1979




Ella DeHart – Clothes for Barbie Tuttie Ken




Weekend outfit

Dress, tote bag, gloves

Kabuki dress, shoes,

    Bathing suit

Graduation cap & gown

Riding clothes

Pants, shirt, hat, boots

Sleeveless dress

Dance frock

Knit dress

Hat & coat





Fabulous Fashion Doll Clothing, 1999

No sewing required.  A glue gun is used extensively.  Some nice ideas for hats and accessories.



 Fashion Doll Fantasy, 1994 (lots of plastic canvas furniture,

accessories and crocheted outfits not shown here)





 Fashion Doll Fun Booklet  - 1999 (some of the patterns shown)










Oh, You Beautiful Doll, 1982 (only a small portion of the outfits

are shown here.  Many of the outfits are variations on a few patterns.

There are lots of examples of fur and leather clothes.  Sewing of accessories

such as purses and hats is also included and there is a chapter on how to

style Barbie’s hair.










The Perfect Book of Doll Clothes, 1992


Sixteen Candles

Angel Dust and Sparkles


Autumn Forest Fairy

Oriental Blossom

Sultry Sorceress


Garden Tea Party

Peek-a-Boo Briefs39

Petals and Pearls Bride


Winter’s Precious Wonder




 Original Sew Simple Primer and Instructions




Trousseau Wardrobe: Wedding Dress, Undies, Dress with shawl, strapless dress with sleeveless jacket.