Barbie Patterns Information Catalog, Last modified 9/22/2002


                               Betty James Patterns

Barbie Goes to A Christmas Ball, #2

Jumper and Bloue, #5

Barbie’s Queen of the Apple Blossom Festival, #6

Barbie At Settler’s Day, #8


Baton Twirlin’ Barbie, #10


P728 -- L65

Big Cover Up

Country Girl

I Do, I Do

Neat ‘N’ Prim



Patchwork Lounger

Queen of the Ball

Sailor Girl

Split Shift



Summer in the City

Sun Fun



P742-- L63


After-Dark Glamour

Bonnie Lass

Leather Wrap-around

Palazzo Living

Perfectly Smashing

Royal Wedding

Splash Down

Tennis Anyone?


Tweed Coat

Tweed Dress




P744-- L66


At Mardi Gras

At the Inaugural Ball

Christmas Hostess

Easy Goin’ Barbie

Fringe Benefits

In Tulip Time

Italian Costume

On the Boardwalk




With It



P745-- L64


At-Home Pajamas

Body Stocking

Breeze Catcher


Looks Like a Jumper

Long and Short of It

Mexican Wedding Dress

At Palm Beach



Princess Coat

At the Sweetheart Ball